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Light Up Your Nashville Home Safely: Top Tips For Holiday Outdoor Lighting

Nashville residents love to make their homes sparkle during the holiday season. Learn the best practices for hanging your holiday lights, ensuring a safe and gleaming celebration.

The holidays aren't just about gifts and gatherings; they're about traditions and home decorations. Nashville is known for its festive spirit, and hanging lights is a cherished tradition. But, before you unravel those strings of twinkling lights, here are some pro tips to ensure your home shines safely.

Why Safety First?

As enchanting as twinkling lights can be, they can pose risks if not hung correctly. From electrical hazards to physical injuries, it's essential to approach this tradition with safety in mind.

1. Quality Over Quantity:

Invest in high-quality lights. Check for safety certifications. Cheap lights might be tempting, but they can be fire hazards.

2. Inspect Before You Deck:

Always inspect your light strings. Check for frayed wires, broken bulbs, or any damage. Replace any damaged sections before hanging them.

3. Use the Right Tools:

Ladder Safety: Use a stable ladder, preferably with a partner to hold it. Always ensure the ladder is on even ground.

Clips Over Nails: Instead of nails or staples use plastic clips. They're gentler on your shingles and gutter and are safer for the wires.

4. Mind Your Power Source:

Ensure you're not overloading your outlets. Use outdoor-rated extension cords, and plug them into a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet if possible. This type of outlet will shut off if there's an overload, preventing potential fires.

5. Light Positioning:

Keep Away from Flammables: Ensure lights are away from anything that can catch fire easily.

Gutter Consideration: If you have gutters, use light clips that can grip onto the edges without causing damage.

6. Turn Off When Away:

Always turn off the lights when you're not at home or asleep. Not only does this conserve energy, but it's also a significant safety measure.

7. Post-Holiday Storage:

Once the season's over, store the lights neatly, ensuring they're free from tangles. This makes the next year's setup easier and lessens the chance of damage.

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