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The Essential Guide to Drip Edges: Why Your Nashville Home Needs One

Greetings, Nashville and neighboring communities! If you're keen on understanding your home better and particularly want to know about your roofing system's nuances, stick around. Today, we're talking about something most homeowners overlook but should never underestimate—the drip edge. This seemingly small component plays a huge role in preserving the lifespan of your roof and home.

The Unsung Role of Drip Edge

Simply put, the drip edge is a metal flashing that's installed around the edges of your roof. The International Residential Code, which is enforced all across Middle Tennessee, mandates its installation on the entire roof perimeter for good reason. Here are its main functions:

  •  Guiding Water Away from the Fascia
  •  Preventing Rot
  •  Protecting Underlayment
  •  Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal

The Blunders Contractors Make

You won't believe the number of times we've seen homes without a drip edge or with poorly installed ones! Cutting corners on drip edge installation can lead to a series of unfortunate events:

  •  Water Intrusion
  •  Wood Rot
  •  Premature Underlayment Deterioration
  •  Violation of Building Codes

The Proper Way to Install Drip Edge

Correct installation is critical. This means positioning it just above the gutter line and never cutting it to fit around gutter hangers. Doing so not only damages the flashing but is also against local codes. Always follow manufacturer guidelines and codes for best results.

Why Choose Custom-Fabricated Drip Edges

While pre-made drip edges work for most homes, we sometimes custom fabricate them on-site to ensure a perfect fit. This tailored approach is one of the many reasons homeowners in Nashville and surrounding areas like Brentwood and Franklin trust us with their roofs.

What About the Gutters?

If your gutter hangers are too close to the eave edge for a proper drip edge installation, they need to be removed and then reinstalled after the roofing project. Often, when an insurance claim is involved, the cost of removing and replacing gutters is covered, so there's absolutely no reason to skip this step.

Why Paragon Roofing Stands Out

We know that our meticulous attention to detail like the drip edge sets us apart. When you opt for our services, rest assured that every component of your roofing system is installed to meet the highest industry standards. Just check out what our satisfied customers have to say. 

Do you need a complimentary roofing consultation? Call us today at (615) 819-4864 or reach out online. We are proud to serve Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and surrounding areas.

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