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Supporting Hearts and Homes: Paragon Roofing's Partnership with the 804 Foundation

At Paragon Roofing, we believe in more than just fixing roofs. We believe in fixing hearts and supporting our Nashville community. That's why we've chosen to partner with the 804 Foundation, a local non-profit organization that holds a very special story and mission. Here’s why we're dedicating 1% of our revenue every quarter to help them in their heartfelt work.

1. The 804 Foundation Story: A Legacy of Love

The 804 Foundation was born from a story of love, loss, and hope:

  • Ariella’s Story: The founders of the 804 Foundation experienced a heartbreaking loss when their daughter, Ariella, lived for only 14 days due to severe health complications. Her time of passing, 8:04, became a symbol of hope and the name of the foundation.
  • A Sign of Hope: In their darkest moment, a clock that stopped at 8:04 became a significant sign for them, marking the beginning of a journey to help others in similar situations.

2. What the 804 Foundation Does: Support and Hope

The foundation's work is all about giving hope and help:

  • Care Packages for NICU Families: For every family with a child in the NICU, the 804 Foundation provides care packages. These packages are filled with necessary supplies and items to support families during a challenging time.
  • A Prayer Group for Healing: They’ve formed a prayer group where parents of NICU babies can find spiritual support and comfort.

3. 100% For the Cause: How Donations are Used

Every penny counts:

  • All Proceeds to Care Packages: The 804 Foundation uses 100% of the proceeds they receive to create and distribute their care packages, ensuring direct support to those in need.

4. Why Paragon Roofing Chose the 804 Foundation?

Our partnership is more than a donation; it’s a commitment:

  • Aligned Values: We share the 804 Foundation’s belief in community support and providing hope in tough times.
  • Local Impact: By supporting a Nashville-based organization, we ensure our contributions make a difference in our own backyard.

5. How You Can Get Involved

Join us in this noble cause:

  • Spread the Word: Share information about the 804 Foundation with friends and family.
  • Volunteer or Donate: Consider volunteering your time or making a donation to support their initiatives.

Our partnership with the 804 Foundation is a testament to our belief in giving back and supporting those in our community. It's about more than just money; it's about bringing hope, comfort, and support to families facing challenging times. We invite you to join us in supporting the 804 Foundation, a beacon of hope in Nashville.

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